SIMON has just been picked up by Caillou’s publisher Chouette.  You'll soon be able to read Simon and Simon's Birthday in French.  Félicitations SIMON!


 Based on a true refugee story, this deep and hopeful book sports colorful, simplified shapes depicting students and their teacher. Stein does not attempt realistic depictions. The children look like jelly beans with limbs, facial features, and hair, and their all-blue teacher is only very slightly more detailed; all are digitally collaged over black-and-white photos of a Western classroom. This surprisingly effective choice allows readers to concentrate on the characters’ emotions...This heartening, well-crafted story refreshingly places its emphasis on its protagonist’s resilience. -Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

Stein’s illustrations — black-and-white photographs of the classroom, school and nearby areas, populated with cartoon images done with the simplest of lines and filled in with flat colors...— effectively bring out Lucas’s poignant parable. -The New York Times Book Review

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