About Lisa Lucas

Lisa started writing for magazines and newspapers. Later, she wrote extensively on issues related to literacy and health that were featured in publications by the Canadian Public Health Association, several literacy organizations, and hospitals across Canada. She is the recipient of the CIBC Children’s Miracle Maker Award for advancing literacy among people with special needs. Several years ago, Lisa partnered with Laurie Stein and began writing for children covering subjects from climate change to refugees. Her belief that “storytellers often sugarcoat real issues and present subjects to kids that are too far from reality in order to protect them. Just tell it the way it is. Kids appreciate authentic stories that are honest and real.” More recently, Lisa has turned her attention to historical fiction, graphic novels, poetry and multimedia and has had the privilege of collaborating with John Kapelos, Balaji Swaminath, Dr. Susan Wurtzburg, a poet, and Steven Landsberg, an advertising leader. Lisa’s work has been translated into several languages and is widely recognized throughout Canada and the U.S.