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Word by Lisa Lucas
Illustration by Laurie Stein

When the Earth Shook

When the Earth Shook

When the Earth Shook provides a mythical framing for kids to understand that it will be their job to help save the Earth. 

Spectacularly Beautiful

A young refugee living in America learns to see herself as beautiful, in spite of physical and emotional scars from her troubled homeland, thanks to a gifted teacher. 

Simon apprend à être à l’heure (French)

Simon adore les horloges mais il ne sait pas lire l’heure. Il est donc toujours en retard, tout le temps, pour tout. Mais quand maman lui annonce que toute la famille partira dans lui a sa fête foraine s’il est encore en retard, Simon décide de tout faire pour être à l’heure.

L’anniversaire de Simon (French)

Simon fête son anniversaire! Il a invité ses amis pour le goûter et prépare un gâteau au chocolat avec sa maman pour l’occasion. Mais pendant que tout le monde s’amuse, qui surveille la cuisson du gâteau? En bonus: une recette de gâteau!

The Simon Series

Simon loves all sorts of things…fairs, fishing, birthday parties and school plays. He does all of this with the help of his wonderful family…Grandma Anna, his sister Ruth and Carp, the fish. There is one person who gets in the way a bit…his mother. By accident, she messes up almost everything he does. But, that’s OK. It doesn’t stop Simon for long.

Ethel by Lisa Lucas
Ethel's Flight Plan by Lisa Lucas

The Ethel Series

Ethel is always on the move. Whether she is dancing or flying, there is absolutely nothing that holds her back…well…almost nothing. She’s a tad clumsy and falls down a lot. But that doesn’t stop her for long….not long at all. ETHEL gets right back up and keeps all her fabulous moves coming.

Poo by Lisa Lucas
Pee by Lisa Lucas
Fart by Lisa Lucas

The Stink Series

A fascinating series of board books with fun and frolic which talks about the three facets, Pee, Poo and Fart in a hilarious way.

Penelopop by Lisa Lucas
Stop Stop Penelopop by Lisa Lucas

The Penelopop Series

Penelopop loves to make music….on her drums, her ukulele or even her little piccolo. She insists on pounding, strumming or tooting on and on and on. She makes a lot of noise wherever she goes. BING! BANG! BOOM! Only a few can make her stop. But even they can’t hold back her music for long.

Cecil by Lisa Lucas


Cecil, the most beautiful bird at the zoo, has been trapped for most of his life. When he finally breaks loose, he is free to do what he does best…wiggle his tail and dance on his toes. His awesome moves draw crowds as he dances his way around the world.

Bedford by Lisa Lucas


Imagine a beaver having trouble building a dam. Isn’t that what beavers do? Not Bedford… his dam looks awful…absolutely awful! It’s not until Bedford goes to see Dr. Better, the eye doctor, where he discovers that his eyeballs are shaped liked footballs.